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changing a market while increasing revenue 35% & profit 13%


The Builder-Buyer Disconnect

Many high-income individuals want a high-quality home, but don’t know what materials and technology it entails. Unfortunately, many custom builders think it’s a budget-race to the bottom to compete with tract builders. So they don’t invest in materials and technology to build high-quality homes, and can’t propose the value to prospective home buyers.

Casey Services saw the potential for selling high-quality HVAC systems, and knew the only way to close this builder-buyer gap was to educate builders on the demand for higher-quality homes, and what is required to construct them.


Video eLearning

The Ultimate Home video series educated builders of the building science, materials, and techniques used to construct a high-quality home. It also worked as marketing materials for builders to educate buyers to a better purchase decision.

The Ultimate Home 1yr Anniversary follow-up video series shows the proof points of achieving the homeowner’s desires, the market demands and potential savings, and positioned Casey Services as the go-to HVAC company for custom builders.

Video Email Marketing

Working alongside their marketing company, we helped develop a successful video email campaign and advised on tactics which resulted in 10X higher opens and click-thrus.


Increased Revenue

Secured new relationships, and strengthened existing ones, attributing to a 30% increase in revenue.


Increased Net

With stronger B2B relationships, Casey HVAC realized a 10% increase in net.


Decreased Ad Expenses

Given its success, this campaign helped secure the AOR’s relationship with Casey Services, all while decreasing ad expenses by over 50%.


Improved Email Marketing

The open rate and click-thru increased by 10X.


Easier Permitting

A side benefit, but no less valuable, local permitting personnel were very impressed by the video series. This meant improved relationships with permitting, faster inspections, and reduction in project timelines.

Beating Competitors

Not only is Casey Services beating market growth, but no less than three of their competitors left the market. They’re also one of the top-ranked sellers of American Standard in the southeast, beating companies in much larger metro markets.

Within a few days of the campaign launch, home builders were calling to say they loved the video series. Our revenue grew by 30% and net by 10%. Marshall made that growth possible, that’s why we continue to invest in video strategy.

Dean Casey

Owner, Casey Services

FIVE STARS – Marshall’s work is consistently professional. We have used them for dozens of videos of all types, and they have all been excellent and on point.

Stephen Cannon

Owner, RFF Marketing

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