The Industries We Serve

Our Industry Experience is Constantly Evolving, Continuously Expanding

At Marshall Video, we’ve spent our entire careers fully immersed in video content production for an assortment of companies and industries as diverse in purpose and interest as we are. With that much experience under our belt, it’s no wonder companies trust us to create engaging, entertaining video that both connects and resonates in the most unique and enduring ways.

IT & Telecom

The IT and Telecom industries are drawn to the Raleigh area by a business friendly environment, and a host of universities where they can tap into the best talent, allowing them to provide cutting edge services to industries throughout the region. We’re excited to be part of that process through our creation of video that provides education and information to their clients about the innovative technology they provide.

Green Energy

Environmentally friendly initiatives are close to our heart – we love working with green energy companies to develop video marketing campaigns that promote and inspire the trending push toward global energy efficiency.

Financial & Legal

Professionals in the financial planning, insurance, and legal industries expect high quality content that resonates with the austerity of their client base. Our understanding of each industry’s nuances allows us to create video that provides education in easily understandable ways, and builds key trust with the audience.


We feel fortunate to live in an area where so many feel compelled to give so much. We understand the challenges organizations face in generating interest and deep compassion for their cause. We make video content for non-profits that captures that spirit of giving, conveys the true heart of our region, and impels the audience to get involved.

Real Estate

With more than 60 people moving to the Raleigh area every day, real estate professionals need partners that move as quickly as they do. We help our clients’ marketing efforts in both commercial and residential properties, highlighting the unique attributes of individual properties and our beautiful region. We do video quickly, accurately, and efficiently because we know real estate relies on it.


Construction continues to boom in central North Carolina. With an in-depth knowledge of the region, our clients appreciate our ability to effectively promote groundbreaking building projects by spotlighting the unique attributes of the diverse communities where they’re being created as well as the benefits the project will lend to the area.


Marshall video brings life to the stories that make technology companies great. We highlight the technological advances our clients are putting in to place and explain how they’re solving important problems to make our professional and personal lives better.

Software Development

Software companies play a huge role in our community. We’re proud to be home to some of the country’s leading providers of software supporting business and personal use. We create informational content that guides end users as to the benefits, applicability, and use of innovative software products.


The Triangle area is host to a multitude of research institutions and hospitals continuously expanding the boundaries of quality care. At Marshall Video, we explore a wealth of creative ideas in producing video for our health care partners, providing educational and training videos targeted to health care professionals, and promotional video highlighting groundbreaking research being undertaken by leading companies and universities. Our clients count on us to tackle complex information and present it in interesting, engaging ways.


We see great opportunity to apply video production in support of the manufacturing process. We create videos that saves time – providing training that’s far easier to update and follow than written manuals of the past. We provide snapshots of the overall manufacturing process to aid in identifying hiccups in the manufacturing process, improving overall production times. We love being able to help our manufacturing clients improve efficiency and save money.

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