Our Video Services

Effective, Affordable Video Production

Many small companies and startups want to incorporate video in their marketing campaigns, but never get the effort off the ground, assuming it will be too time consuming and cost prohibitive. It doesn’t have to be this way.

We put video easily within reach, working with companies in and around the Triangle to produce visually engaging video content with quick turnaround that enhances and enlivens sales emails and pitches, lead generation campaigns, social media profiles, website SEO, and more.

Explore how our videos can easily and inexpensively accomplish your organization’s unique needs.

We Are Affordable.

Our Silver, Gold, and Platinum packages provide simple-to-choose from options ranging in price from just $450 – $850. Packages include a pre-shoot consultation, so we can fully understand your needs and purpose. We spend from 2 – 4 hours filming, and follow up with editing and revision before delivering the final product. We aren’t satisfied until you are.

We Are Turnkey

We know you’re busy and your media campaigns are a top priority. That’s why we’re motivated to get your video from concept to finished product quickly without sacrificing quality, so you can get back to focusing on everything else. We consult with you over the phone, complete filming in one cycle, and complete the process completely within your time frame.

We Create Marketing Videos

Video’s real value lies in its ability to connect with the viewer on a personal level through the story it tells. We create visually striking stories that engage the viewer, leaving your customers with a specific, unique, and positive feel for your brand.

We Create HR Videos

Human Resources is about connecting with people. Using the right actor, presentation, and tone, we produce HR videos for training, employee onboarding, and corporate communications that resonate in a positive way with your team. We create content employees want to watch.

We Create Sales Videos

A well-produced sales video conveys a company’s culture, philosophy, brand, and approach. Done well, it can immediately convert a potential customer into a client. We can produce how-to and educational videos, client testimonials, and thought leadership videos, all done in a way that creates a positive attitude and feel toward your company.

We Create Social Media Videos

Different social media platforms require individual approach to video to give you appropriate ROI. We can produce one video in multiple formats to maximize their effectiveness on your desired platform. Our social media videos are quick, impactful, visually appealing, and engaging.

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