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Videographer Job Description

Looking to build a long-term relationship with a Videographer based in the NC Triangle area. We need someone who is willing to work on projects both remotely and in-house at our Raleigh office. This opportunity is ideal for someone who is looking to gain more professional experience editing projects for clients in the business, corporate, marketing, and commercial arena.


  • Employment type – Part time & full time contractor
  • Working hoursM-F, Generally 9-5. Hours may vary depending on shoot
  • Pay – $20.00 – $45.00 per hour, Pay is based on Experience.
  • Experience – Minimum 2 years professional experience
  • Location – Raleigh, NC

Who Are You?

What we look for in a Videographer, camera operator, production assistant, & employees in general. 

You’re a videographer in the NC Triangle area with at least 3 years full-time professional experience. You’re willing to work remote or in-house at our Raleigh, NC office. You enjoy working collaboratively with a production team, and you’re eager to learn from your colleagues. You’re self-motivated and strive to improve on all levels. You’re pragmatic, logical, and resourceful when it comes to solving problems. And you’re a reliable, honest, and punctual worker.

Required Skills

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  • Camera operation for DSLRs or Mirrorless and up
  • Light and support set-up
  • Professional lighting: 2-point or 3-point for interviews, & others for b-roll
  • Able to problem solve & troubleshoot on set if needed
  • Has knowledge of current shooting standards, softwares, and best practices
  • Conduct unscripted professional interviews, ask questions that provoke revealing answers from subject matter experts, and know when/how to ask great follow-up questions
  • Manage crew of 1-3 persons
  • Must have intimate, natural understanding of exposure triangle, good framing & action, etc.
  • Has the motivation and desire to contribute new ideas to the team
  • Can handle constructive criticism and performance reviews from the team


  • At least 3 years professional experience
  • Experience with slider and gimbal
  • Drone experience is a plus
  • Professional sound recording experience is a plus
  • Experience using Panasonic GH5 or S1 a plus
  • Knowledge and experience as a video editor is a big plus!
  • Knowledge and experience of working with businesses and corporations in a professional setting is a big plus!
Focusing on happy employees & customers leads to a prosperous company

Our Values


  • You can recognize and admit when you’re at fault
  • You don’t make excuses or blame others
  • You can accept valid and reasonable criticism, and make effort to improve
  • You’re gracious to others when they make mistakes


  • You think of how your actions affect others
  • You work to benefit others and not just yourself
  • You’re on time and prepared for the work, meeting, or event
  • You communicate maturely, clearly, and promptly


  • You research and plan your work before starting
  • You plan your work to be as efficient and high-quality as possible
  • You try to prevent problems, not just solve them
  • You understand that you can grow by working collaboratively with others


  • You own your assigned work and don’t rely on others to finish it for you
  • You fix your mistakes instead of pawning them off to others


  • You tell people the truth and are prudently transparent
  • You complete your work on time and follow instructions

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