Ground Floor – IPO Video

raise $4.2M, expand nationaly, & revolutionize lending 


The Lending Revolution

For decades, investing in property remained an antiquated non-digital process, and construction lending was restricted to the accredited wealthy. Groundfloor is a first-of-its-kind crowdfunding platform, creating investment opportunities for non-accredited investors and independent builders. 

In 2018, Groundfloor planned to expand nationally with an online IPO goal of $1M. Their marketing team was lean, with a typically tight ‘startup’ budget, but they needed video to increase the effectiveness of the IPO.


Short-term + Long-term

Marshall consulted with their campaign lead to understand not just their IPO goals, but also their overall growth strategy. They needed a video strategy that could accomplish three things:

  • increase IPO performance
  • further lender-builder marketing
  • assist with strategic relationships

Designed for anyone unfamiliar with Groundfloor, this deeper-funnel video provides background and vision. It built trust and persuaded investors through proof-points, value propositions, and metrics.

Designed for anyone familiar with Groundfloor, this video persuaded investors through proof-points, value propositions, and metrics, in a traditional business case.

Target audience being VC investors, this video speaks their language – huge opportunity, high annual growth, and great return potential.


Targeting borrower, this video covers the major value props – lower rates, more flexibility, and easier lending.


Targeting lenders, this video covers the major value props – great returns, secured loans, with diversification.


 Created for strategic partnerships, this video covers why Groundfloor is the preferred lender.


IPO… Like A Boss

With a goal of $1 Million to raise, Groundfloor was able to exceed that expectation with $4.2 Million raised.


Increased Exposure

Groundfloor’s videos have reached +137,000 views.

Growth On All Fronts

With the IPO’s success, Groundfloor hired seasoned loan originators, doubled their dev team, and brought new investment products to the mix.

Beyond the IPO

Groundfloor was able to utilize their new video content beyond their IPO campaign. They continue to use the testimonial videos in targeted ad campaigns and on their website, bringing in new leads.

The offering was very well-received and generating $4.2M from it exceeded our expectations. This new round of operating capital is already accelerating our growth.

Brian Dally

Co-Founder & CEO, Groundfloor

The video turned out great, and our IPO has been a huge success. Marshall did a great job.

Matt Welch

Advisor, Groundfloor

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