Centerpoint Healthcare – B2C Video Production

increasing calls & traffic with full-funnel video production


Stigma, Access, Inclusion

For Centerpoint, whole-person care was a priority for Forsyth, Davie, Rockingham, and Stokes counties. And they wanted more residents in need to seek help through their toll-free number. But those residents face various stigmas, healthcare may be inaccessible due to transportation, or they simply struggle to participate in their community.

Marshall created a video strategy to address hindrances through three means. First, educate more residents of the mental-health, substance-abuse, and developmental-disabilities services available. Second, dispel myths and stigmas. Third, show that whole person health was achievable for everyone. And with each video, have a strong call-to-action with the toll-free number.


Social Media Video & Advertising

Initially, Centerpoint was thinking only non-digital, legacy advertising. Marshall recommended a layered, digital campaign with social media to increase reach and provide better metrics. And Marshall handle all aspects of production. This was Centerpoint’s first social media campaign, and the first time they used video.

Print & Stills

Centerpoint wanted print materials like posters for high foot-traffic areas. So Marshall provided photos and testimonial content to the AOR, so that they could then create those additional assets.



Web Slider


TV & Radio Ads

Part of Centerpoint’s legacy advertising, Marshall created multiple ads, and ensured Broadcast Legal per FCC requirements.

Educational Website Videos

Educational videos on topic pages completed Centerpoint’s mixed-content marketing needs, and made understanding information easier for residents. Much of this content also became the source for other TV, Radio, and Social Media assets. Marshall assisted with content development, handle all aspects of production, built the content library.


Increased Calls

Secured new relationships, and strengthened existing ones, attributing to a 30% increase in revenue.


Increased Social Media Engagement

With stronger B2B relationships, Casey HVAC realized a 10% increase in net.


Decreased Ad Expenses

Given its success, this campaign helped secure the AOR’s relationship with Casey Services, all while decreasing ad expenses by over 50%.


Improved Email Marketing

The open rate and click-thru increased by 10X.


Easier Permitting

A side benefit, but no less valuable, local permitting personnel were very impressed by the video series. This meant improved relationships with permitting, faster inspections, and reduction in project timelines.

Beating Competitors

Not only is Casey Services beating market growth, but no less than three of their competitors left the market. They’re also one of the top-ranked sellers of American Standard in the southeast, beating companies in much larger metro markets.

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