We produce and market videos that propel individuals, ideas, and companies to the forefront of their market.

We Are a Video Production Agency

Video. With Purpose.

Marshall Multimedia is a video production agency based in Wake Forest, North Carolina. Our experience in high-traffic online video production, video advertising and marketing, and documentaries make it possible for us to produce and market videos that propel individuals, ideas, and companies to the forefront of their market. Simply put, we create video with a purpose.

Affordable Video Really Exists or Video with ROI

Gone are the days of expensive one-and-done videos. When engaged in a project, we work with your existing marketing personnel to create a high-volume video content strategy focusing on your specific needs – sales, marketing, HR recruitment, M&A, on-boarding, e-learning, etc. Simply put, we create videos that make your business come alive.

Video + Strategy = Content Marketing  

This is where volumes of great video content is made. After executing the strategy, a client has their own library of branded footage. So we can easily create multiple videos on a variety of subjects as  needed , increasing production value and effectiveness of future campaigns. Video has an exceptional shelf life which allows us to continue creating engaging and evergreen video content.

Agencies. Partners.

Most agencies understand the value of video, but don’t have the resources to produce video or don’t have a business need to do it in house. Once engaged on a project, we provide video marketing best-practices and video strategies across all forms of marketing channels with tactics like organic search, paid search, pre-roll video advertising, email marketing, social media, event marketing, and traditional advertising. Simply put, agencies love partnering with us and that makes their clients love them more.

Who We Work With

What People Say

When I refer a client to Marshall for video production, I know that my client is in great hands. Their team consistently deliver top-quality video for an affordable price. Everyone who works with Marshall raves about them. I highly recommend Marshall !

Melissa St. John

President, Social Solved

FIVE STARS – Marshall’s work is consistently professional. We have used them for dozens of videos of all types, and they have all been excellent and on point.

Stephen Cannon

Owner, RFF Marketing

Our clients want an affordable means to increase leads and siteconversion, and Marshall has consistently provided great video services. They discover the client’s goals, means of obtaining and converting leads, and then produce goal-driven video.

Michael Hill

President, MLH Marketing Group LLC

Within a few days of the campaign launch, home builders were calling to say they loved the video series. Our revenue grew by 35% and net by 13%. Marshall made that growth possible, that’s why we continue to invest in video strategy.
Dean Casey

Owner, Casey Services

The offering was very well-received and generating $4.2M from it exceeded our expectations. This new round of operating capital is already accelerating our growth.

Brian Dally

Co-Founder & CEO, Groundfloor

The video turned out great, and our IPO has been a huge success. Marshall did a great job.

Matt Welch

Advisor, Groundfloor